Monday, May 3, 2010

From Florida: Why we celebrate the 4th of July

My name is Kelli. To me, independence day is extremely important because it is the day America celebrated it’s freedom. There is a little history for you- on July 4th, 1776, America fought for her freedom from England. And guess what? We won! We got our independence. Since then, every July 4th we celebrate! Freedom is such an important thing because it gives us rights to do what we believe in. Here is a quote I absolutely love: “The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage”.

Hello. Today I want to tell you about the 4th of July- our Independence Day. We commonly celebrate this national holiday with fireworks, sparklers and our country’s flag. Most people wear red, white and blue- our flag’s colors. It is a fun holiday and we will probably celebrate it for years to come. Your Florida Friend- Diana

My family celebrates the 4th of July (our independence day) with pizza, soda, chips and my whole family getting together with fire crackers and sparklers. We stay up late and sit in our pool and watch the fireworks that everyone on the street lights off. You can see fireworks all down the street all thanks to our freedom. From Katie

Hi. My name is Kalen and I am going to talk about our independence day. (also called the 4th of July). I think our independence day is one special day because we would not be the great country we are today without it. What I like to do to celebrate is to get together with my whole family and have a bar-b-que. When it gets darker out, we watch fireworks.

My name is Stephanie. We celebrate the 4th of July because that is our independence day. It is special to me because without it, we would not know independence.


  1. hello Katie,
    I read what you wrote and I like the way that you and your family celebrate your Independence day.You enjoy and spend time with your family.You're a unified family and I like it.

  2. Hey
    my name is Koren
    I read your letters about 4th of july
    We also have a independence day. What's special about are independence day is hang out with my friends and make a bar-b-q with them and some people wear whait and blue our flag colurs and late at night we have a fireworks. And Returning home late. And a few other things the teacher does not allow to say =P.

  3. Hello Kelli my name is Yuval,
    I live in jerusalem
    I ride what you wrote about America's Independence Day.
    I am impressed to see how mach you love this day and what it symbolizes for you.
    I also like this day.
    In "Independece Day",
    Independence Day has a lot of impressions, there is a big ceremony, fireworks, and Usualli do a barbecue.
    I liked the sentence you said:“The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage”- This is so true !
    I'd love to keep with you in touch and that we will continue to talk.
    Yuval :)

  4. Hello Kelly!
    My name is Michal.
    I read your letter about the 4th in July and I was impressed.
    I realy like the way you describes your love to this holiday.
    It's also a very important holiday to me.
    Like you said: happiness is freedom.
    It's the rights to do what we believe in.
    In our independence day there is a big celebration with a lot of fireworks.
    Me and my friends hang out by doing a barbecue and returning home late.
    I'll be glad to receive another letter from you and be in touch.
    Maybe you can tell me how you and you friend celebrating this day.

  5. Hi Kalen, I read about your Independence day, and I found things that we have in common.
    For example, we have a bar-b-que too. In that Independence day (that was 2 weeks ago), I had 3 different bar-b-que in 2 days! One with my family in Be'er Sheva and one with my friends and one with my family in Jerusalem.
    Hila :)