Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gil Koerbel

Shavuot is the unofficial opening of summer so on Shavout we bring our water balloons and water guns to the local parks and began water fights.


  1. My name is Derek. This summer I am going to go up north to have fun at our cabin for a few weeks. It is in the state of Maine. Also, I am going to head to Washington D.C. to see the White House and Pentagon. On the way back I am going to have a fun family reunion with my cousins. My favorite music is heavy metal. When I am in Maine, we usually go tubing and knee boarding and best of all we set off fire crackers on 4th of July. We don't shoot with water guns, but we have fun. Have a good summer!

  2. My name is Andy. I don't have a water gun, but I play paintball, which uses a gun that is a little like the one in your picture. I also play baseball. I am 13 years old. In the summer I will be going to Puerto Rico to visit family. I also go to Atlanta where I used to live. Have a good summer.