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Jerusalem Day - May 17th 2010

Look at the exhibition of photos called "Lions in Jerusalem"
Choose one of the lions and describe it. Give it a name and say what you like about it.
Here is a slideshow of the lions

Coral Shalom

My name is Coral Shalom.

I live neighborhood of Bet Hakerem.

In Jerusalem we have the Old City.

In the Old City there is an old builing a million years ago.

King David, build it, and it is called in his name.

In addition, in the Old City there is the Western Wall-

it is the only part of Temple that is left.


I live in the neighborhood of Kiryat Hayovel in Jerusalem. This is what it looks like from one side. The Calder sculpture, "Homage to Jerusalem – Stabile" was the last sculpture planned by the famous American artist Alexander Calder (1898-1976), and was installed in Jerusalem in 1977 as the result of a generous donation from the Berman Family of the United States.

Hila Kaplan

My name is Hila Kaplan.I live in the neighborhood of Givat Masua in Jerusalem.

My neighborhood is new, and I and my family was one of the first people that moved here.

My friends live here too, and we like to hang out in the park, or in the shopping center.

to drive to school from here.

I like to live here because this is a new neighborhood and the houses are very beautiful.

Givat Masua is a small neighborhood so it takes 10 minutes to go see my friends in their houses.

Harel Nissani

I live in the neighborhood of Bet Hakerem in Jerusalem.
In my neighborhood there are a lot of buildings small and big, old and new. My favorite thing in Bet Hakerem is the quiet. When night comes, everything is completely quiet. Nobody shouts and everybody is in their home. I like it very much.

Aviv Zohar

Hallo my name is Aviv Zohar .
I live in the neighborhood of Bet Hakerem in Jerusalem.
I was born in thus neighborhood and all my life Ihave lived in this neighborhood.
I play in the neighbrhood basketball team'I also play in my school team "ZIV AND MARKS".

Tomer Ressler

I live in the neighborhood of Bet Hakerem in Jerusalem.

Bet Hakerem is an old neighborhood .Most of the population of Bet Hakerem are old people.we have a new center of food and many shops. There are many synagogues in Bet Hakerem.

Meytal Maximov

My name is Meytal
I live in the neighborhood of Bet Hakerem in Jerusalem
I love my neighborhood
My neighborhood is small but we have everything there.
In my neighborhood we have a small center and schools
We have there a lot of parks and every Saturday we go there
My neighborhood is near everything
The population is older and the people are very nice .

Noa Naor

My name is Noa Naor.

I live in the neiborhood of Givat Massuah in Jerusalem.
Givat Massuah is a very nice place to live in.
It is beautiful and clean, and has many gardens and new houses.
This neighborhood is new. It exist for 15 years, and many new families live in it.
In the neighborhood there are kinder gardens and one school.

Eran Goely

I live in the neighborhood of Bet Hakerem.
Teddy Stadium:
The stadium was built in 1989.
The stadium is in Malha, near the mall.
In this stadium Hapoel Jerusalem and Beitar Jerusalem play football.
The stadium was named after Teddy Kolek (the former mayor of Jerusalem).

Karin Elyashar

I live in the neighborhood of Givat Mesoa in Jerusalem
In my neighborhood most of the population is sociable and every body knows every body
else. In addition, there is a commarcial center, a lot of playgrounds and fields. Most of the kids in my neighborhood go to ''YaYovel'' school in Givat Mesoa.

Gil Koerbel

I live in the neighborhood of Ramat Sharet.
My neighborhood is very quiet but when it's Friday night there is a lot of noise because we go to the park that's near my house and we stay there until 3 in the morning. Sometimes my neighbors call the police because we make a lot of noise.

Yuval Eshel

My name is Yuval Eshel, I live in the neignborhood "Givat Masoa" in Jerusalem.
"Givat Masoa" is the best naignborhood in Jerusalem, and in the whole world.
It is small and very well cared for.
The people who live in Givat Masoa are very nice and everyone knows everyone.
All my best friends live in Givat Masoa and we like to go out turn around together in the neinborhood.

Gilad Levy

I live in the neigborhood of Ramat Sharet
I want to tell you a bit of the sport I do. I do water ski-cable wakeboard. The cable park is located in the middle of Begin Park in South Tel Aviv.

Avishag Dana

My name is Avishag Dana

I live in the neibhorood of Bet Hakerem in Jerusalem.

In my neibhorhood we have:
- A center with a supermarket and a lot of stores
- Parks for kids
- The Jerusalem's forest.

Eliran Davlas

My name is Eliran
I live in the neighborhood of Kiryat Yovel in Jerusalem

My Neighborhood is big and beautiful. Most of the population works in the commercial and other people work in a hospital. The people from the neighborhood are nice, funny and helpful. I was born in Kiryat Yovel . I celebrate all the holidays and special events in my neighborhood and I like them very much.

Picture of "The Monster" in Kiryat Yovel:


My name is Sivan Yttach.

I live in Ness Harim. Ness Harim is a Moshav next to Jerusalem. I like to live there, this is beautiful place. We have a farm, winery, park, kids club and more. It's a very quiet place.
I know every body in the moshav, because the moshav is a very small place, like a kind of


I live in the neighborhood of Bet Hakerem in Jerusalem.

I like to live in Bet Hakerem, it's a very good neighborhood.

Inside Bet Hakerem I can meet with all my friends and there are a lot of nice parks.It's also close to צy school so I don't need to drive on a bus to school and back.

Amit Nehmad

My name is Amit Nehmad , I live in the neighborhood of Ramat Sharet in Jerusalem.

I like my neighborhood but all those I allways in Bet Hakerem. In Bet Hakerem, I've got my friends, my school, my scouts and lot of restaurants. On friday night or on Thursday night i and my friends go out and go in Bet Hakerem to the commercial center or to the parks. I really like this.

My shevet -

Dan Bolkosh

I live in the neighborhood of Bet Hakerem.
The old city in Jerusalem is an important place in Israel.
In the old city there is the Western Wall that is important for the Jews, because it is the last remnant of the ancient temple.
The old city is a holy place for all the religions-Jews, Arabs and Christians.

Stav Swisa

My name is Stav Swisa
I live in the neighborhood of Kiryat Hayovel.
I love my neighborhood- Kiryat Hayovel. It's a beautiful neighborhood.
There is a commercial center there. There are a lot of people in Kiryat Hayovel.
It's an interesting and big neighborhood. It's a convenient place.
People help each other in Kiryat Hayovel and I love to live there.

Dan Bolkosh

Gilad Shalom

a.my name is Gilad Shalom

b. i live in the neighborhood of Bet Hakerem in Jerusalem.

c.Bet Hakerem is a very old neighborhood in a very old city.In Bet Hakerm you have a scouts and you have a new center un the new neighborhood. The cenetr is a nice place because you have a lot of shopes and places to eat like Mcdonlds and the pizza and the cafe house.
Bet Hakerm is a very beautiful neighborhood and i love to live in Bet Hakerm.

Raz yona

I live in the neighborhood of Ein Kerem in Jerusalem.
I write about my speacial place becuse we have a lot of
flowers and trees, and beatiful view of the mountains.
Many people come every day to see the amaizing place.

Anat Garfield

My name is: Anat Garfield

I live in the neighborhood of Bet Hakerem in Jerusalem.

Bet Hakerem close to everywhere, and it's good because you can walk to the place you need.
My neighborhood is quiet and beautiful, it has a lot of trees and flowers.
I love walking in Bet Hakerem and watching the view: a lot of trees and old houses.


I live in the neighborhood of Kiryat Hayovel in Jerusalem.
In our neighborhood there are a lot of things: for example, parks with flowers, a nursery school, a shopping center.
In the shopping center there are a lot of stores: food stores, a supermarket, clothes stores.
The location of my neighborhood is very good because it's close to another neighborhoods: Bet Hakerem, Givat Mesua.

The Old City by Nastia and Ofir

Our names are Nastia and Ofir.

We live in the neighborhood of Bet Hakerem in Jerusalem.

The Old City lies within East Jerusalem.
There are three religions, Jews, Muslim and Christians.
The Old City is built from a lot of narrow streets.
It's a very beautiful place because it has holy sites to visit.
You must come and see!


Lior Shalom

My name is Lior Shalom.
I live in the neighborhood of Ramat Sharet in Jerusalem.
The Westen Wall is an exciting place for Jews.
It is a place that has much meaning for me.
In the Westen Wall Jews put in the wall their wishes written on paper.

Noy Yehezkel

My name is Noy Yehezkel.I live in the neighborhood of Ramat Bet Hakerem.In Jerusalem.
My neighborhood is very beautiful and green.In the neighborhood there is a center with Mcdonalds and pizza and super, super pharem and other shops.In the neighborhood the people are very nice and sociacle.

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Florida Post April 22, 2010

Hello, my name is Emily. I live in New Port Richey, Florida. Florida can get extremely hot (great pool weather), which I love! Florida is the kind of state that brings you joy and sunshine, hence it is called the Sunshine State. Here we have the most gorgeous palm trees! We also have cool theme parks like Disney World! Have you heard of that one? A great thing that I like to do in my free time is take a dip in the pool and let my skin absorb the heat from sun-tanning! What is your country like?

My name is Kalen. I live in Hudson, Florida. I like the area I live in because it is quiet and my friends live close by. I don't live in a neighborhood. I like my street because most people have horses. I don't have a horse, but my neighbor does. She has two. Caprie is a black and brown mare, and Danny is a bluerone mare. She has two now, but she is getting another soon. My street is perfect, although there are no street lights. It is a safe street and the only thing we have to worry about are the raccoons.

Hello, my name is Kelli! I live in Hudson, Florida, also known as the Tampa Bay Area! I have lived in Florida my WHOLE life, so call me a Floridian. Florida is so beautiful! The beaches, the dolphins, the shopping malls and don't forget the oranges. Oh! and the sun of course. Florida is so cool, but I am fascinated to learn about different places too. So what is Jerusalem like?

Hello! My name is Diane. I live in New Port Richey, FL. Florida is commonly known for Disney, a theme park, and Michey Mouse, a common American icon. Florida is also known for its wetlands, swapy, marshy land and the Florida keys, a smll gourp of islands between North and South America. Comon pets in North America and dogs and cats. Some people aalso keep fish, birds and retiles. Overall I am glad to live here, even though the summers are very hot.

My name is Kelsey. I live in Spring Hill, Florida. The area I live in is nice and the people are very friendly. (Also, I live in a very nice house that has a big yard. I have my own room with a television, and computer.) I have a brother, Mom, Dad and dog. We all live in the same house. My family gets along very well. That is a little something of my life and family.

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Hello From Florida, USA

Hello! My name is Lora Duncan and I am a 7th grade teacher (students ages 12 and 13) in Port Richey, Florida. We are excited to be partnering with you on this blog and will be posting each week so that you can read them before you respond. The students will be writing over the next two days and should have something posted before Saturday.

Hello from Jerusalem

I am the English teacher of a ninth grade class at Sieff and Marks School in Jerusalem. The pupils learn English as a foreign language. We read texts, learn grammar and language, English literature, writing, and speaking.
Today we are celebrating Israel's 62nd year of Independence. My pupils are going to tell their friends in Florida about the city of Jerusalem and about Jerusalem Day or Shavuot (Feast of the Weeks) which we will soon be celebrating. Ora

Dear ninth grade pupils,
We are doing a blog project with a school in Florida.

A. In the first stage, please tell the pupils in Florida about our city.

Please write this information below this post and then click "Post a Comment":

1. My name is .................................
2. I live in the neighborhood of ............................. in Jerusalem.
3. Please write something about your neighborhood or about another place in Jerusalem (write 4-5 sentences). You may add an image or a video. Please check your spelling before you post your writing.


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Welcome to the CultureQuest project where students in Jerusalem and Port Richey will compare holidays and places in their cities. We look forward to an exciting project.