Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hello from Jerusalem

I am the English teacher of a ninth grade class at Sieff and Marks School in Jerusalem. The pupils learn English as a foreign language. We read texts, learn grammar and language, English literature, writing, and speaking.
Today we are celebrating Israel's 62nd year of Independence. My pupils are going to tell their friends in Florida about the city of Jerusalem and about Jerusalem Day or Shavuot (Feast of the Weeks) which we will soon be celebrating. Ora

Dear ninth grade pupils,
We are doing a blog project with a school in Florida.

A. In the first stage, please tell the pupils in Florida about our city.

Please write this information below this post and then click "Post a Comment":

1. My name is .................................
2. I live in the neighborhood of ............................. in Jerusalem.
3. Please write something about your neighborhood or about another place in Jerusalem (write 4-5 sentences). You may add an image or a video. Please check your spelling before you post your writing.



  1. 1.My name is GAL BAR-ZAKAY.
    2.I live in the neighborhood of Bet Hakerem in Jerusalem.
    3.I like to live in Bet Hakerem, it's a very good neighborhood. Inside Bet Hakerem I can meet with all my friends and there are a lot of nice parks.
    It's also close to ny school so I don't need to drive on a bus to school and back.

  2. My name is Noy Yehezkel.
    I live in the neighborhood of Ramat Bet Hakerem.
    In Jerusalem/
    My neighborhood is very beautiful and green.
    In the neighborhood there is a center with Mcdonalds and pizza and super, super pharem and other shops.
    In the neighborhood the people are very nice and sociacle.

  3. My name is Lior Shalom.
    I live in the neighborhood of Ramat Sharet in Jerusalem.
    The Westen Wall is an axciting place for Jews.
    It is a place that has much meaning for me.
    In the Westen Wall Jews put in the wall their wishes written on paper.