Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jerusalem Day - May 17th 2010

Look at the exhibition of photos called "Lions in Jerusalem"
Choose one of the lions and describe it. Give it a name and say what you like about it.
Here is a slideshow of the lions


  1. 1.My favorite lion is number 13 i call him AngelLion because of hes wings
    2.The lion paint in black and hes wings are golden wings
    3.I like this lion because he look like an angel
    4.The truth is i got no idea what its symbolizes

    David Nachum

  2. Nimrod Kahanov

    i liked the lion with the wings because he reminds me of an angel.

  3. Dan Bolkosh

    I choose lion nomber 244(the loin with the wings)because he looks liks an angel.

  4. I am Eliran
    1. I like the picture number 38 - i like to
    call fim falafelion
    2. the lion is white and his writting on him falafel . pait on him a paiting of wierd people .
    3.I connected this picture because my favorite color and my favorite dish in the same image
    4. The lion symbolizes Israeli favorite dish.
    The picture represents the main dish on

  5. Coral Shalom.
    I chose lion number 225.
    On the lion people are eating falafel.
    I chose this lion because I like falafel.
    I think that this lion symbolizes the main food in Israel.

  6. I am Meytal Mximov.
    I chose lion number 17.
    The lion that I chose is colorful and beautiful he haS all colors and representS growth and development and regeneration of Jerusalem.
    I chose this lion beacause I think that it represents the spring season and relaxation with those colors.
    I think that this lion symbolizes regeneration, development I think that it is importent to symbolize this things.

    My favorite lion is number 88 because he looks like an angel and very beautiful...
    I like angels because they are very spiritual and amazing.

  8. Itay Quatinsky

    I like lion numbar 96 becuase I think its very Beautiful for me and in the lion Illustrated cows and I like cows becuase they get me alot of things I like as milk Cheese.

  9. I chose lion N0.273
    It's white lion.
    I chose this lion because he simbolise something very strong.
    The lion is split in two by a fence.
    Because the lion it's emblem of Jerusalem, and it split in two, it's simbolise that Jerusalem divided and torn too...

  10. I chose picture number: 273
    Because this lion is divided, and it's so exiting because we see what we have now, our present reality - what we had and what we have now.

  11. I chose lion number 5, and a called him Silver Lion. He is big and and shiny and his color is silver. I chose him because he is very beautiful and attracts attention. I think this lion symbolizes power and courage, like Jerusalem.
    Hila :)

  12. I chose lion number 1, because he colorful, and he very Prominent with his colors.
    I call him Pretty because he Beautiful.

    Noy Yehezkel