Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lior Shalom

On Shavuot I and my family go on vacation to Eilat for five days.

Noy Shitrit

My name is Noy Shitrit.
On Shavuot I and my family make a meal.
I like that holiday because it has a nice vacation,
and I can meet my friends, go to the pool or the beach and have fun.
Happy Shavuot!!!

Gil Koerbel

Shavuot is the unofficial opening of summer so on Shavout we bring our water balloons and water guns to the local parks and began water fights.

Harel Nissani

Remembering this period, Jews today count "the Omer" -- 50 days from the beginning of the passover holiday until they reach the Shavuot holiday, the holiday when Jews commemorate receiving the LAW.

Tomer Ressler

I celebrate Shavuot becuase it is a Jewish holiday. On this holiday we eat milk products and eat a lot. It's also "water day" all the childrean spray one another.

Amit Nehmad

So, my family really hates Shavuot because on this holiday we eat only dairy products and we really love meat .

Any way , on Shavuot we have the water day .

On the water day the kids play water fights , it's makes me feel refreshed..

My parents' friends always send us fruit baskets .

Anat Garfeld

Festival of Weeks

Shavuot comes seven weeks after Pesah

On Shavout my family and I go on a Picnic with our friends.

We go to the the Rose Garden and eat milk products.

We play games and have some fun.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

SHAVUOT - Festival of Weeks

Jews all over the world are celebrating Shavuot on Tuesday evening.
  1. Read about this festival and do the activities on the page
  2. Write your answers using "New Post" in the top right corner.
  3. Choose one meaning for Shavuot ((a)Festival of Weeks, (b) Festival of the Giving of the Torah (Law), (c) Festival of the Harvest, or (d) Festival of the First Fruits) and then write a few sentences about which meaning you like most and explain why you chose this meaning.
  4. Say how your family celebrates this festival.
  5. Add a graphic to explain your answer.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I chose lion number 5, and a called him Silver Lion.
He is big and and shiny and his color is silver.
I chose him becouse he is very beautiful and attracts attention.
I think this lion symbolizes power and Courage, like Jerusalem.
Hila :)